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Automated, secure phone, web, app and text payments

PCI DSS compliance - reduces the risk for automated payments via telephone, web, mobile apps or SMS.

If you’re trying to manage peaks in payment calls, wanting to free up your contact centre agents or just be open 24x7x365 then offering secure, automated, PCI DSS compliant payments will put you ahead of the rest.

EckohPAY enables your customers to make card payments conveniently and security over the telephone, web, SMS or mobile apps. Our solution is PCI DSS compliant and optimised to be quick and easy, giving your customers the freedom to pay safely whenever they want to – any time of day or night.

Working with Eckoh

This simple PCI payment system from Eckoh lets customers navigate through the IVR using either touch tones or natural language speech recognition. So, they can simply ask to ‘pay my bill please’ and will be directed to the EckohPAY product to securely enter their card details.

It’s simple to implement as either a hosted service or on your existing website or app. Either way, the payment element takes place in our platform, keeping the data away from your environment so this element is removed from the scope of the PCI DSS audit.

See our EckohPAY Product Guide

Automated payment

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Our Secure Payment solutions are part of the Eckoh Experience Portal. Get in touch today and find out how we can change your customer engagement for the better.

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How we helped South East Water

It’s now easy for our customers to do simple tasks such as paying a bill or checking their balance using the EckohPAY service. We’ve also seen reduced queue times into our contact centre which has increased customer satisfaction as well as taking more payments than we anticipated. The service has completely exceeded our expectations.

Read more about how we helped South East Water

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Here's the benefits

  • Significantly relieve pressure on your live agents

  • Works with existing payment provider and merchant account

  • Full range of cards accepted

  • Customisable call flow script and voiceover

  • Resilient hosted service is ideal for disaster recovery

  • Calls can be transferred to a live agent

  • Calls can be routed from your current number

Telephone Phone Payment by Card

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EckohPAY is part of the Eckoh Experience Portal. Get in touch and find out how we can change your customer engagement for the better. 

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