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PCI Credentials

Choose your PCI DSS compliance partner with care.

When it comes to choosing your PCI DSS compliance partner, it pays to look at their track record. Eckoh’s credentials are among the highest and our solution is the simplest.

IP and integrity

We’ve been continuously PCI DSS compliant since 2010 and have helped our clients achieve the same. We protect our IP through patent applications and have several covering our Secure Payment solution – CallGuard – in the UK, US and Europe. 

We use our own technology, in our own contact centre so we know that it works and addresses the challengess that contact centres face around securing payments and minimising the risk of fraud or the impact of a data breach. 


Note on Eckoh’s listing on Visa's Global Registry of Service Providers

PCI Credentials

Transactions and Customers

We have over 130 clients for our PCI DSS compliant Secure Payment solutions in the UK, US and Europe. We process £1.5 billion in card payments annually for these clients through our secure platform.

Recognition and achievements

We’ve won numerous awards including the PCI Excellence Awards every year since 2017 for our CallGuard Secure Payment implementations with Target, allpay and Thames Water. In 2019 we also won the first Innovation award for our ground breaking PCI DSS compliant Web Chat Payment solution - Chatguard.

As well as this we have performed the world’s first Secure Payment using Apple Pay over the phone and the world’s first Secure Payment within the actual Web Chat window.



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