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Demonstrating that customer payments are as secure as their propane gas deliveries
Demonstrating that customer payments are as secure as their propane gas deliveries


Industry: Oil & Energy                                       Employees: 8,500                            Revenue: $2,913.49 million

Background: Largest propane gas company in the USA operating two data centers, one contact center and 2,500 distribution centers

Challenge: De-scoping parts of the contact center to ease the burden of PCI DSS compliance and ensure security of customer payments

Solution: CallGuard Audio Tokenization


  • De-scoping of agents, recordings and VOIP
  • Agents stay in contact throughout
  • No system changes or integration
  • Nothing for criminals to steal


AmeriGas is a propane gas company headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.  They were established in 1959 and today are the nation’s largest retail propane marketer, delivering from more than 2,500 distribution locations, to approximately 1.8million customers, across all 50 states. Their aim is to deliver the safest, most reliable and most responsive propane service in the nation. 


Given the size of the customer base and the volume of card payments made through their contact centers, it was important for AmeriGas to be able to demonstrate that its security-minded approach to business extended to its customers’ sensitive payment card data as well.   

As such, it needed to achieve compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which is required by the card companies in order to store, transmit or process payment card data. This put AmeriGas in the position of needing to achieve PCI DSS compliance quickly to make up for lost time.

Due to the rigors of compliance with PCI DSS, AmeriGas wanted to remove their calls, call recordings and VOIP network for their data centres, distribution centres and contact center from the scope of the audit. Recognising that this was not their primary business focus they sought to the harness the expertise of a market-leading secure payment provider. Their stated mission is to be America’s safest and most reliable propane company and they wanted to extend this to securing their clients’ payment data.


Eckoh’s solution involved the implementation of its patented CallGuard Audio Tokenization solution because it is the simplest and most secure solution available on the market today. It allows AmeriGas to take cardholder data securely over the phone without changing their systems or processes.

When a customer keys in their card details using their phone’s keypad, this generates audio tones (DTMF digits) which match the card number. The audio tokenization instantly replaces these tones with different tones to create placeholder data. This is then entered into the agent’s payment screen. As the placeholder data is not real card information it can be stored safely and is meaningless to anyone trying to steal it.

CallGuard Audio Tokenisation is extremely easy to implement as it does not involve complex integrations or changes to databases, processes or security systems.

Eckoh replaced AmeriGas’ Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) devices with a secure payment solution that removes more of the burden of PCI DSS compliance.


“One of our core values is to deliver the safest and most dependable service, and that goes for our customer payments too. That’s why we wanted a secure payment solution that would really work, was easy to install and is simple to run. We found it with Eckoh CallGuard.”

Brian Yost, Manager Enterprise Network Services, AmeriGas

  • De-scoping of agents, call recordings and VOIP network.
  • Reduces the impact of a data breach as no meaningful data is stored
  • No system changes or complex integration
  • Agents can stay in contact with the customer throughout the call
  • Replaced their P2PE terminals (point to point encryption terminals).
  • AmeriGas agents now have a friendly, easy and secure solution


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