Guide to PCI DSS Compliance


The Definitive Guide to PCI DSS Compliance

Every month, yet another major retailer, tech company or public organisation suffers a data breach. Customers fume, the media rants and the regulators impose eye-watering fines.

And then it happens again. Except this time the numbers grow... more personal records and thefts run into millions.

So what can you do to protect your customers, their data and your reputation? What do the letters ‘PCI DSS’ mean? And how much of a guarantee do they provide, if any?

As a result, we’ve put together a new eGuide specifically for Contact Centers. This exclusive guide will help you discover:

  • Where you are most vulnerable
  • How you can ensure cardholder data is secure
  • Who's going to say whether you're compliant or not
  • How to complete a Self Assessment Questionnaire
  • Can someone else provide PCI DSS compliance for you
  • How to maintain your level of compliance