e-Wallet Payments

Secure and friction free telephone payments

Today, customers expect to be able to make payments over the phone in the same, easy way they do online and instore.

With e-Wallet Payments - such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal - a whole new series of payment options are available to enhance the customer experience while still safeguarding payment data.

With your competitive edge being determined by your customer experience, being able to offer customers these payment options can help you differentiate your contact center from the competition.

Working with Eckoh

e-Wallet Payments marry convenience with security – the core of contact center service. By harnessing the security advances that mobile payments offer, Eckoh have created a new, flexible and scalable way to take friction free, yet secure, telephone payments.

Eckoh led the way with this solution, performing the world’s first secure payment using Apple Pay over the phone. This innovative culture keeps Eckoh ahead of the technology curve as we seek to keep contact center secure payment technology evolving with market and customer behaviors.

Securing payments doesn’t end here either. Our other market-leading Omnichannel solutions mean you can offer your customers the choice of paying securely over the phone with an agent, within Web Chat or via a Chatbot so you can take payments at any time of day, or night.

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How we helped BMW

Eckoh provided a flexible and robust front-end integration and were able to work as if they were part of our digital team. With this level of flexibility and support during the implementation process we would not have been able to deliver the service as designed by our digital agency.

Paul Kester, BMW

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Here's the benefits

  • Make frictionless payments convenient and secure

  • Enhance customer experience with a smoother service and a wider range of payment options

  • Provide an additional layer of security for everyone

  • Reduce AHT by not collecting payment card or address details

  • Increase security by authenticating transactions

  • Reduce fraud or data loss as customer's payment card data is not shared with the contact center.

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Speak with one of our experts and see how we can help improve your contact center security.

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