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CallGuard IVR Payments

PCI DSS compliance - reduces the risk for automated payments via phone, web, mobile apps or SMS.

If you’re trying to manage peaks in payment calls, wanting to free up your contact center agents or just be available to take payments 24x7x365, then offering secure, IVR payments that are PCI DSS compliant will put you ahead of the rest and reduce the risk of fraud and the impact of a data breach.

Using an IVR to take payments enables your customers to make card payments conveniently and securely over the phone or mobile apps. With Eckoh’s CallGuard solution card data, entered via keypad or voice, is tokenized into placeholder data. That means that it can be stored or recorded without exposing the sensitive information. Payments are PCI DSS compliant and optimised to be quick and easy, giving your customers the freedom to pay safely whenever they want to – any time of day or night.

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Working with Eckoh

If you’ve got your agents’ payments covered you can easily add IVR – or vice versa – from one supplier using the same, simple solution and the existing secure payments infrastructure.

Eckoh’s CallGuard IVR Payments lets customers navigate through the IVR using either touch tones or natural language speech recognition. So, they can simply ask to ‘pay my bill please’ and will be directed to the IVR payment process to securely enter their card details.

CallGuard works just as easily with agents as it does with an IVR. It’s the same principle that takes real data and turns it into placeholder data. All other payment processes remain the same so there’s minimal change for your business.

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How we helped this well known DIY retailer

With several different stakeholders, the secure payment and PCI DSS compliance need for this retailer were complex. With Eckoh’s CallGuard solution they can meet every one of these demands and be reassured of payment security and compliance – every minute of every day.

How we helped this well known DIY retailer

Here's the benefits

  • Works with existing payment provider and merchant account

  • Full range of cards accepted

  • Uses existing secure payments infrastructure

  • Customizable call flow script and voiceover

  • Calls can be transferred to a live agent

  • Calls can be routed from your current number

  • SBCs and firewalls can also be de-scoped from a PCI DSS audit

  • Eckoh has a strong team of US-based engineers to implement and support

  • CallGuard is the simplest solution available as well as easy to implement

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Speak with one of our experts and see how we can help improve your contact center security.

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