Remote Agent Payments

Enable remote agents to easily take secure and compliant payments

Extend payment security controls from your office to your working-from-home agents, and reduce their exposure to sensitive customer data.

  • Prevent remote agents from seeing or hearing payment card data
  • Maintain PCI DSS compliance and minimize the risk of fraud
  • Scale up or down for different locations as you need to
  • Allow agents to use the same payment system regardless of where they work
  • Deliver the same great payment experience as your on-premise agents

Ready to enable remote payments?

remote agent taking a payment

Simplify payment security for home working agents without compromising effectiveness

Enable you remote or home working agents to continue taking secure payments with CallGuard Remote. Specifically created to work outside the controlled contact center environment, agents can take customer payments without:

  • exposure to customer card data;
  • compromizing PCI DSS compliance or security; or
  • reducing customer experience.

PCI DSS security

PCI DSS compliance, wherever your agents take payments

Whether you're mobilizing part or your entire workforce to work remotely,  you want to be reassured that they are PCI DSS compliant.

CallGuard Remote has helped many organizations to quickly and cost effectively overcome the security challenges of a split workforce; and increased contact center resilience.

Reduce security and compliance risk in your remote teams

  • Minimize fraud risk

    Reduce fraud risk by stopping senstive data getting into the wrong hands.

  • PCI DSS compliance

    Remove the burden of security and compliance with solutions built for remote workers

  • Retain customer confidence

    Reassure customers that their data is safe in your hands.

  • Quick and easy to deploy

    Get up and running fast no matter how many agents you need to service.

Short or long term solutions for securing remote agents

If you are looking for short-term solution to get you through a crisis, or looking for something more long-term, we can help. Our remote solutions can also be deployed in a hosted environment so your agents can access them through their usual corporate system sign on.

Remote agents are the new contact center model

“53% of US contact centers have some percentage of their agent population functioning from a home office"
National Association of Contact Centers