Telephone Payments

Telephone payment security for your contact center

Take payments over the phone with agents without compromising customer experience, data security or PCI DSS compliance

  • Significantly increase security without compromising customer service
  • Make it easy for agents to take payments quickly
  • Secure your most complex IT infrastructures for PCI DSS
  • Get started fast through cloud, hosted, remote or on-premise deployment
  • Offer the most popular payment methods, from cards to digital wallets

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The best experience to secure card data

Keep your agents and customers connected at all times while securing all customer payments made over the phone.

With our patented CallGuard product, customers simply enter their card details using their telephone keypad, instead of speaking them. This sensitive data is prevented from being seen, heard or stored by your agents, systems or processes.

No matter how complex your organizational environment, or whether you want a remote, premised, cloud, or hosted solution, CallGuard can be deployed where other providers struggle to make solutions to fit.


Choose the most robust and flexible solution on the market

Make your life easier with CallGuard

  • Customized to fit your organization's infrastructure
  • Lets your business processes continue unaltered without interference
  • Works with all on-premise recording systems, IVR applications and phone systems
  • Compatible with 100% of payment service providers
  • Simplifies the PCI DSS compliance process

Remove your contact center from PCI DSS scope

  • Removes burden of PCI DSS

    Free your people, processes and systems from card data, and make compliance easier

  • Patented, flexible solution

    Customize CallGuard to fit your organization's infrastructure

  • 100% customer contact

    Keep agents and customers on the phone at all times for an efficient, personal experience

  • Integrates without fuss

    Make system changes as usual as CallGuard simply layers over the top

  • Call recordings can continue

    Resume quality monitoring as card details are never recorded

  • More choice in how to pay

    Customers can pay by card, Apple Pay, Pay Pal or Google Pay.

CallGuard and PCI DSS

CallGuard stops the need for card data to be spoken aloud over the phone. Instead, the customer is asked to use their telephone keypad to enter their card data. As these card details are entered, the DTMF tones on the keypad are suppressed and the agent sees only asterisks that appear in the card number fields. This enables call recording to continue as normal without pausing and resuming, and the agent isn't exposed to card data. Depending on the level of security you need, CallGuard can de-scope your entire contact center environment.

Protecting customers' card data

“We’re excited to implement Eckoh’s CallGuard Audio Tokenization because we believe it enhances our ongoing commitment to the privacy and security of our customers and it’s good for our business and customer experience.”
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