Completely de-scope your agents, systems and call recordings


Secure your contact center payments

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Payment IVR

Increase conversions with secure IVR payments

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Secure Call Recording

Record and redact customer conversations

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Some customers want the convenience of calling to make payments, check their accounts and access services, sometimes after hours. With Eckoh, you can give them a great experience, backed by robust PCI DSS security.

Behind the scenes, we handle card processing for you, removing your agents from the scope of security audits and preventing payment information from entering your environment — so there’s nothing to steal. Your brand is protected from the risk of card data theft, loss of customer trust and fines from regulators.

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We focus on what is important to our clients and their customers

Maintain PCI DSS compliance for calls

Ensure agents can take payments without ever seeing or hearing customer details

Keep voice channels risk-free

Completely de-scope yourself from PCI DSS audits, including agents, systems and call recordings

Enable secure home-working for agents

Give remote team members the same robust security as they’d have in your contact centre

Boost sales, revenue and cash-flow

Allow secure, automated payments via advanced IVR technology, available 24/7 to customers

Offer superior customer experiences

Enable callers to bypass labyrinth IVR options; they simply state what they need

Secure your phone payments

Enable your contact centre agents to take fast and easy payments securely over the phone without compromising the customer experience, data security or PCI DSS compliance.

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Focus on conversations that matter

Record and redact customer conversations securely, transcribe on-demand, and reveal true customer sentiment.

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Please note, Eckoh is unlikely to be cost-effective if you have fewer than 50 agents in your contact center.

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