Dramatically transform your existing IVR with the next generation of IVR technology

Automate complex tasks while giving callers a superior experience.

  • Improve call routing and contact center efficiency
  • Reduce call abandonment rate
  • Optimize agent time
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Handle demand peaks, reduce average handling time(AHT) and cost to serve
Self Service IVR

Augment your human agents with automated interactions

Support your agents by automating routine and repetitive interactions

Send appointment reminders

Provide real-time information

Create post-interaction surveys

Route calls to SMS or agents

Take PCI DSS compliant secure payments

Authenticate customers and reduce the risk of fraud

Combine with Natural Language Recognition for voice-activated intelligent routing

Combine channels for true omnichannel experience

Features of a stand out IVR solution

Many customers prefer self-service and others are easily won over by its speed and convenience. Make your IVR experience the best it can be with these important features:

  • Identify and verify callers for heightened security
  • Route callers with contextual voice recognition
  • Reduce hold-time and maximize agent time with effective call routing
  • Simplify reporting with service performance analytics
  • Real-time information about product stock levels, transport schedules etc.
  • Secure payment card data for PCI DSS compliance
  • Use audio and visual aids together through smart devices to resolve inquiries
Advanced ivr

Enhance self-service with secure payments

People already love self-service and there is strong evidence that customers will try it. Once they have, they love the speed and convenience. Adding automated IVR payments enables you to provide a complete service for your customers.

Increasing productivity through advanced IVR services

"When Capita recommended we spoke with their self-service technology provider Eckoh, we were more than intrigued by their ideas for multi-channel customer engagement. We have been truly impressed with the professionalism of the Capita/Eckoh teams since the project launch."

Mark Gait, Head of Customer Service, O2 UK

"We have been working with Eckoh for over 8 years now and we’re extremely happy. As such we’ve decided to use the services to secure payment in new territories, such as Germany, to ensure we secure all our clients’ cardholder data without discriminating territories or new brands that we launch."

Head of Operations, Premier Inn

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