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Customer engagement solutions to today's airport challenges
Customer engagement solutions to today's airport challenges

Challenges for airports are all about 'more'. More passengers, more retail, more eCommerce, more threats and more customer expectations. Here's Airport stats circle 1how we help...

#1 Increasing sales revenue with less risk

Solution: Secure your payment channels to protect sensitive data from the risk of fraud or the impact of a data breach. 

How to do that... 

#2 Give customers more of what they want, and faster

Solution: Get your message out first and fast to thousands of customers at once. 

How to do that...

  • Messaging - sending the right message at the right time about an issue to keep consumers up to date
  • Email - easily manage longer form communications for less urgent situations.

#3 Coping with the repetitive, mundane calls

Solution: Embrace and encourage Self-Service using technology to relieve live agents of the burden of basic enquiries.Airports circle stat2

How to do that...

  • Chatbots handle the mundane very well. They're there 24x7x365 with consistent and up to date information.
  • Chat can provide personal, real time information exactly when it's needed.

#4 Keeping track of what customers are saying

Solution: Monitor social media channels easily to pick up good and bad comments so you can step in at the right time to create a proactive relationship.  

How to do that...

  • Social Agent lets you track social media activity across all your channels so you can be immediately aware of postings, comments, trends and monitor activity to see what people are saying about their experiences.

#5 Providing the right answers all the time

Solution: Bring all your information together so that it can be available for Self-Service Chatbots and live agents to provide accurate and consistent responses. 

How to do that...

Knowledge Base contains all the preset answers to most of your airport’s frequently asked questions. And, you can use it in a crisis situation for providing up to date information.


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