How to make remote working secure


18 Mar 2020

Considering enabling your agents to work remotely? If so, you're probably most concerned with being able to maintain PCI DSS compliance and security.

What's the risk?

Having a remote contact center workforce comes with some risks. The prospect of allowing credit/debit card details, social security and other sensitive numbers and personal details to run freely through the hands of unmonitored home-based agents is a big concern. Rogue agents can undermine the benefits and fraudsters could find it easier to gain access to your systems.

It isn't alarmist to be worried about this: It's realistic.

The traditional approach of safeguarding sensitive data within contact centers by using 'clean rooms' is deeply flawed anyway but even the weak protection it provides cannot be transferred to the home. Bans on mobile phones, other strict rules and constant monitoring cannot be applied to a someone's domestic environment.

The rewards - there are stand-out advantages...

Regardless of the reason for embracing remote working there are some compelling benefits such as...

  • The ability to flex to cover peaks, so callers spend less time waiting
  • Reduced need for office space
  • Easier to hire agents and reduce attrition rates
  • And it's not just older, experienced employees you'll be likely to attract. Huffpost reports that 64% of millennials would like the opportunity to work from home.[1]

So, what's the answer?

With Secure Payment tools you can hide sensitive data from all your agents whether they're based within your contact center or work from home. With Chatbots and Web Chat tools you can maintain connected customer journeys, including taking payments, across all channels and actually improve the customer experience.

Put simply, remote agents can:

  • Take secure payments remotely in just the same way as in your contact center
  • Take payments within as many channels as possible - telephone, online, chat, chatbot or IVR
  • Engage with customers in their choice of channel so the customer experience remains unaffected

If you'd like some advice and guidance on making remote working a reality, get in touch.

[1] 'How Millennials Are Shaking Up American Work Culture From Their Parents' Basements' - Huffpost