Give immediate attention to your customers with live Chat

The tool that enables your agents and customers to multi-task

  • Connect with customers instantly
  • Reduce costs with an easy and low-cost way to communicate
  • Greater agent productivity by handling multiple chats at once
  • Increase sales and resolutions
  • Enable agents to take in-Chat secure payments

Ready for a Chat?

Chat product on mobile and laptop

Boost sales, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

Because of its immediacy, customers love live Chat. In fact, many won’t make a conversion if it’s not available. It's become a vital tool for contact centre engagement.

Chat provides an instant way for your customers to interact with a real person while they browse your website. It helps build customer confidence by answering their queries as they happen. Agents can manage multiple conversations at once, increasing your operational efficiency.

Man in chat on laptop

Meet rising customer expectations and win loyalty

Give your customers the communication tool they want. Eckoh's live Chat fits perfectly within your existing customer contact environment.

  • Get up and running quickly, even in complex set-ups
  • Highly customisable to your brand
  • No slow down to your website as there’s zero impact on IT systems or infrastructures 
  • Deliver accurate and consistent responses as live Chat agents can benefit from your knowledge base to help with responses 
  • Choose how and when Chat is offered, based on a set of rules and our best practice

Let your Chat support your sales

Take secure payments within the Chat conversation without sending them to a separate payment page. Our PCI compliant in-Chat payment form enables the best payment experience for your agents and customers.

See how we helped BMW

"I think what surprised us the most, was the percentage of customers wanting to engage with us via live chat. While not replacing existing and established communication methods, it made and continues to make a massive contribution towards making the BMW brand as accessible as possible to our customers."
Operations Director, BMW UK
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