Smarter conversations with an AI-powered Chatbot

Reduce repetitive calls to agents and increase sales by giving customers a human-like way to answer their questions

  • Improve workflows and contact centre productivity
  • Automate repetitive queries, working alongside live agents 
  • Go well beyond pre-scripted answers with AI Chatbots 
  • Effectively prioritise and route conversations
  • Boost revenues by taking secure payments within the Chatbot

Ready to talk about Chatbots?

Chatbot self-service

Choose a Chatbot with super-intelligence

With your customer data and knowledge content accessible, your Chatbot can be as effective as a live agent as well as being ‘always available’. Your Chatbot will learn from every interaction, constantly improve responses and stay up to date.

You can boost your customer service productivity by making your Chatbot your first line of support, by answering simple questions, booking appointments or making enquiries.

Chatbot self-service engagement

Human like conversations that help relieve pressure on contact centre agents

Perfect for handling general enquiries, Chatbots are also valuable virtual assistants that can work alongside live agents to deliver a better experience and reduce costs. 

  • Easily customise your Chatbot to your brand and tone of voice 
  • Improve accuracy and relevancy by mapping answers to question variants 
  • Enable an agent to take over anytime — and access the full history 
  • Extend sales opening hours by taking secure payments via Chatbot 24x7 
  • Update customer queries through your billing, CRM, ERP, finance and tracking system integration

More than just an one way interaction

  • Customer engagement

    Engage with customer

    Avoid deflecting the customer by using conversational flows for more meaningful engagement

  • scripted responses

    Beyond scripted responses

    Detect the intention of visitors and determine if a bot should interact or if an agent would be more suitable

  • Offering purchases

    Offer customers purchases

    Enable your Chatbots to ask if the customer wants to pay for goods or services within the actual Chatbot session

Make your Chatbot a top sales generator

Be 'always open' so that customers can get service or sales any time that suits them. Adding ChatGuard enables to you take secure payments within the Chatbot conversation so you can make sales 24x7 too.

The case for Chatbots is compelling

"By 2020, organisations will report a reduction of up to 70% in call, chat and/or email inquiries after implementing a chatbot or virtual customer assistant. They also reckon that customers will manage 85% of their interactions with businesses without interacting with a person."
Gartner Customer Experience Summit 2018