Email Management

Improve customer satisfaction. Manage and respond to inbound and outbound emails and web forms more intuitively

Make Sure You Never Miss Another Customer Email

Do you want to manage all your inbound emails and web forms in a flexible and intuitive way, prioritising what's most important at any moment? Now it's possible.

Email Management, is a sophisticated and flexible email handling system accessed from within an Omni-Channel console provided to your team. It can manage inbound mails and web contact forms securely and quickly from all major email systems, from GMail to Exchange and Office365.

Email Management

Everything in One Place

This powerful system brings all inbound emails and web forms securely, intelligently and efficiently into the agent console. It can prioritise and assign mails using a variety of rules to maximise service and efficiency.

Put simply, when an important email needs a quick response, you'll notice.

Key Benefits

  • Never miss an email – or respond too slowly
  • Enable your agents to handle inbound emails and web forms in real time
  • Assign priorities based on pre-set rules, so you deal with important emails faster
  • Allows skills-based routing of emails to departments or individuals for a quicker response
  • Setup auto-responses to address commonly asked questions
  • Create templated responses to save agents time and ensure consistent answers

How Email Management Works

Email Management will improve the speed and efficiency of your responses to customers. By carefully prioritising emails, you can make the most of your staff resources and increase customer satisfaction levels, boost loyalty and increase sales as a result. More customers will buy from you if there's a speedy, detailed and accurate reply to their queries and requests.

The system can be integrated with your CRM system so your agents get the complete picture on every customer to allow them to make the most appropriate and accurate response. You can also save time and boost professionalism by using carefully-worded auto-replies, suggestions and acknowledgements.