The only PCI DSS compliant Chat Payment solution

Lead the way with ChatGuard

When you’re in a Web Chat session with your customer, there’s a risk that you’ll lose them just as they’re about to pay – because they have to go to another tool to make that payment. Now, with ChatGuard, you can take a secure payment whenever the customer wants to complete a purchase, within the Web Chat session – without any card details being exposed to the agent. You get to stay in touch throughout the transaction and it’s fully PCI DSS compliant.

Improve your customer experience and keep them coming back with the latest in payment options.

Great customer experience:

Improve the whole experience by providing the latest, most convenient, simple and secure payment options. Put an end to customer frustration and stay in touch throughout the transaction. You can reduce call handling time by responding to several chats at the same time, sharing URLs and improving agent performance.

What ChatGuard will do for your contact centre:

  • Increase revenue: Web Chat is ideal for customers who need help finding a product or want advice about its various features, delivery or operation. Now, with the option to take a secure payment within the Web Chat session you can avoid losing sales and even increase the value of sales by upselling. You can provide a more personalised journey and point out additional or alternative products to potentially increase sales.
  • Improve customer insight: You can more easily understand customer journeys, preferences and payment triggers that can be invaluable to improving how you present your business. It’s easy to add to your current website and can be branded to match your style.
  • Reduce cart abandonment: By completing the transaction without sending your customer to another process where they may drop out.
  • Added security: The solution is fully PCI DSS compliance and so enhances your secure payment options for your customers. As the solution tokenises the sensitive card data it is never exposed to the agent.

Interested in payment options?

Here’s how we can help you offer the full range to suit any customer preference.

Agent Assisted Payments

CallGuard removes the entire contact centre or specific parts of it from PCI DSS scope so it delivers PCI DSS compliance and reduces the risk for every card payment taken over the phone.

Automated Self-Service Payments

EckohPAY delivers secure, self-service payments 24x7x365 via phone, web, mobile, app or SMS giving customers convenience and an ‘always on’ service that is PCI DSS compliant.

Omni-Channel Solutions

A complete suite of omni-channel solutions from live chat to chatbots and social media monitoring, all in one console that can be linked to automated and secure payment solutions.