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Customer Engagement

Eckoh provides a suite of cloud-based, omni channel customer engagement and monitoring solutions. Instant chat and call-back, Social Media monitoring and Engagement, Knowledge Base, Smart SMS, Email Management and full Work Flow. In any language in any country.

Call centres have quickly become contact centres, and customers expect to be able to get in touch with businesses in ways which are convenient to them. Find out why this transformation has taken place, and what your business should be doing to meet customer expectations.

Remove Lengthy IVR Menus with Natural Language Speech Recognition

Callers are greeted with: "How can I help you?" and based on the caller's response they will be routed to the correct person or department. The service uses natural language speech recognition to replace lengthy IVR menus and allows a single telephone number to be used for all inbound calls.

Consumers are becoming more self-sufficient. Subsequently, Customer Service departments are introducing more ways for their customers to self-help when making orders and purchases. These include automated call options (using menus), speech recognition systems, email responses and web forms for feedback. Agents are now being viewed as trusted advisors and are increasingly being contacted for complex inquiries. Combining all these elements to create a seamless, multi-channel customer experience is the challenge businesses are now facing.