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Chat Payments

Increase sales conversions with secure Chat payments

Empower your Chat (or Chatbot) channel to take secure customer payments 

  • Take in-Chat payments while in session 
  • Turn your Chat channel into revenue generator
  • Quick and easy to use for both agent and customer
  • Card data is unseen by agents or stored in systems for PCI compliance

Get started with secure Chat payments

Let customers pay through their chat session

Get more out of your Chat application by turning it into a revenue generator. ChatGuard works with any Chat application and enables customers to pay directly through this channel without being diverted to a separate payment page.

It's quick and simple to implement, while giving customers a great experience.

Chat payment screen on mobile

Easy, flexible, secure chat payments

Improve your Live Chat conversations by adding the option to pay immediately. ChatGuard simply layers on top of your existing apps with no changes to systems, payment applications or gateways.

  • Compatible with 100% of PSPs
  • Works with any Chat or Chatbot solution
  • Can be deployed to any number of infrastructure configurations
  • No sensitive data is retained within the Chat transcript or seen by an agent
  • Protects Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as well as card data
  • Payments are secure, PCI DSS compliant and help with GDPR and other regulations
  • Customisable to your brand and business
  • Flexible to combine with other payment channels such as phone, IVR, Chatbot, web and SMS

Allow payments through Chat with ChatGuard

  • Payments in Chat are de-scoped for PCI DSS

    De-scoped payments

    Payments in Chat are de-scoped for a PCI DSS audit, removing the burden of agents handling sensitive data

  • Payment within the chat session

    Payment within chat session

    Complete the purchase in the Chat session, without breaking the conversation or sending the customer to another page

  • Reduce basket abandonment

    Reduce lost sales

    Agents can encourage the customer to complete the purchase and even suggest adding additional items to the sale

  • Retain payment processes

    Retain payment processes

    Agents keep their existing payment pages so it's quick and easy to adopt with virtually no training required

  • Payment in chat is a better CX

    Better experience

    100% agent-customer contact throughout the Chat makes a great customer experience and reduces handling time

  • Light touch technology with ChatGuard

    Light touch technology

    Eckoh handle any integration required to your systems so there is minimal resource required from you

How do Chat payments fit with PCI compliance?

Payments in Chat are PCI DSS compliant because the data is masked so the agent cannot see or access it. Find out more about the importance of PCI compliance for contact centres.

How we helped the BMW

What surprised us the most, was the percentage of customers wanting to engage with us via chat. It made, and continues to make, a massive contribution towards making the BMW brand as accessible as possible to our customers.
Paul Kester, BMW UK
Case study