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Winning, losing & regaining customers in the COVID-19 era
Wednesday, 02 September 2020

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Contact Center

What was the impact on your customer journey?

COVID 19 impact on CX 900

As the lockdown starts to ease, and most organizations are starting to plan their ‘return to normal’, it’s an ideal time to reflect on the impact of your actions - and your best next steps.

Contact centers had to respond quickly to the pandemic. Some had agents working from home quickly, while others took a different path. Each organization has faced unique challenges.

So how can executives get an early insight into the impact of the customer journey? Ask yourself four simple questions to help you discover how you’re doing using our interactive questionnaire. 

  1. Are your customers getting a worse experience?
  2. Do your customers’ inquiries get resolved easily?
  3. Have your customers still make secure payments?
  4. Are your customers able to take advantage of self-service?

Looking on the positive side….

If there is one positive thing that has come out of this pandemic crisis, it’s the way many businesses embraced working from home. Some may never have considered it as feasible before 2020.

Now we’re seeing a significant shift in attitude. Many contact centers are building a percentage of home-workers into their long-term strategy

The other big shift is how customers have embraced self-service channels, accepting that they may not be able to speak to a human being immediately. We’ve seen channel shifting occur more frequently, where customers are using multiple contact channels to find information.

Most important is the need for business continuity and security planning. Home-working presents an uncontrolled environment where businesses operate with personal technology, unsecured wifi and systems, which are the main risk areas for customer data and integrity.

The crisis is far from over, and it’s uncertain what the future will bring. Contact center organizations that plan ahead using the latest technology will have the agility to adapt and strengthen their customer experience.

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Tera Marquardt

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