Data security in the cloud

There are many benefits to moving your contact center to the cloud, but the need to secure your customer's data remains - regardless of the cloud provider you use.

De-scope your cloud contact center from PCI DSS audit with solutions that seamlessly integrate with all cloud contact center platforms including Amazon Connect, Genesys and Microsoft Azure.

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We focus on what is important to our clients and their customers

Protect your migration, end-to-end, and avoid expensive, last-minute challenges

Sensitive customer personal and payment information never enters your systems, or any cloud environment

Reduce the burden of compliance with solutions that stay ahead of changing standards

Our solutions are tried and tested by our own contact center agents

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Moving your contact center to the cloud?

Contact centers are increasingly migrating to the cloud for a number of attractive benefits like greater flexibilty, simpler management, and even potential cost savings. But, with 82% of data breaches involving data stored in the cloud, who's responsible for security once you're up and running? Our free eGuide explains shared responsibility, what's at risk, and how to maximise data security in the cloud.

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Cloud contact center 'shared responsibility': There is no cheat code for security

17 Apr 2024

If you’re powering up your contact center, you need to know that there are no cheat codes, and the cloud doesn’t come with a ‘shield of invincibility’

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Cloud contact centers: Avoid a costly security headache

19 Oct 2023

Why do many organizations hit unexpected turbulence when moving their contact centers to the cloud? Here’s an insight into a stormy issue – and how to avoid it.

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Does contact center compliance give you security?

2 Aug 2023

Will PCI DSS 4.0 compliance give your contact center robust security — creating a force field around sensitive information? At a time when data breaches can run into millions of dollars, it’s important to know the difference between compliance and security.

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Understand the difference between compliance and security

Download our infographic to understand the difference between compliance and security, and how to address both to maximize security in your contact center.

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Innovating a secure payment solution for complex cloud environments

Eckoh delivers innovative CallGuard solution to secure agent-assisted payments in the cloud.

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