Reduce the Fraud Risk of Accepting Card Payments

With over 20 years working with customer services organizations, Eckoh has the expertise you need to reinforce your call center security strategy. Offering secure payment solutions through an agent, over the phone, online or over a mobile device, Eckoh processes over $1 billion in transactions each year with the capacity to process $10 billion.

Eckoh Makes It Safer For Your Organization to Accept Payments

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Call Centers Are Targeted For Their Access to Data

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450 million Visa credit cards are active in the U.S. generating over $1 trillion ($1,000,000,000,000) in sales yearly.

Most of these dollars are flowing online and through call centers like yours. The processes around these payments are a virtual paradise for hackers and card thieves.

Malicious and criminal attacks on organizations increased 37% last year. The average cost per compromised record is $188.

40 Million Credit Card Numbers Stolen

How did a recent major breach hurt a US retail giant?

More than 90 lawsuits have been filed by customers and banks for negligence and compensatory damages. 
Analysts estimate other costs incurred could run into the billions of dollars.
$61 million was spent through February 2014 responding to the retailer's breach.
Their profits for that holiday season fell 46% from the same period in the year before.
Their transactions suffered - the largest decline since the retailer began reporting statistics in 2008.

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Phone Payments Risk

Call centers to take card or security details over the phone need to consider the security implications. 

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Step 1:

Customer calls your contact center to pay for goods or services.

Step 2:

Call center agents ask the customer to relay full card number, followed by the expiration date and security number on their card.


  • Card details heard by agents and strangers
  • Card details stored in call recordings
  • Card details pass through local network applications