Why PCI DSS v4.0 Demands a New Mindset from Merchants

10 Feb 2023

What does PCI DSS v4.0 have to do with a gym membership? As the new payment security standard’s deadline speeds towards us, US merchants are getting themselves in shape. But some fitness plans are far easier than others.

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Go beyond compliance with a holistic approach to data security.

Protect your patients. Protect your brand.

19 Jan 2023

Healthcare organizations are target-rich environments for cybercriminal activities. Taking a holistic approach to data security can help ensure your patients' sensitive data is secure during every step of their journey.

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Cybersecurity Month: How secure is your contact center?

15 Sep 2022

Cybersecurity Month 2022 aims to help consumers develop a basic understanding of how to stay secure online — but companies also need to secure their customers' data, because contact centers can have dark corners where fraud festers.

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What is PCI DSS v4.0?

19 Apr 2022

Over the next several months, the security experts at Eckoh will be diving into the new Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) released by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). Here's a brief overview of the new standard.

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Executive Insight - continuous customer service from Omnichannel to Omnipresent

14 Mar 2022

Ashley Burton, Head of Product at Eckoh identifies the underlying trends that will keep contact centers one step ahead.

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Is your PCI DSS strategy holding you back?

27 Jan 2022

The recent drastic changes to how and where the world works have created a renewed push to secure customer card data. But hastily implemented solutions aren't a durable solution for the long haul.

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New authentication technology by Eckoh reduces identity fraud in contact centers.

17 Nov 2021

Eckoh's new technology seeks to address the fraud problem while saving time and increasing security.

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Is Pause-and-Resume Effective as a PCI Compliance Strategy?

21 Oct 2021

No it isn't, but good news! There's a better way.

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Why payment data in the cloud means risk as well as complexity

30 Jun 2021

When considering migrating to the cloud, is the security and compliance around data getting enough attention?

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Shifting from six to eight-digit BINS

21 Jun 2021

The forthcoming BIN range changes - your questions answered

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