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Seven customer engagement trends to watch

31 Oct 2023

Market forecasts are fiendishly tricky to make, especially during global economic turbulence. But it’s possible to identify trending shifts in strategy, technology and behavior in the contact center world. Here are seven trends to watch out for.

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Secure Call Recording Revolution: Unveiling Hidden Insights

12 Jun 2023

Discover the power of Secure Call Recording: enhance security, gain actionable insights and optimize your contact center operations.

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Imagine the future of hybrid working for contact centers

11 Apr 2023

Hybrid working is here to stay for contact centers — but how can you best keep customer data safe when so much of your engagement is now happening behind closed doors? It’s an issue that needs urgent attention.

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Make the payment process the least stressful part of the patient experience.

Support your revenue cycle by embracing secure payment technologies

10 Feb 2023

The healthcare industry is racing to modernize technology in order to create efficiencies in interoperability and increase access.

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Executive Insight - continuous customer service from Omnichannel to Omnipresent

14 Mar 2022

Ashley Burton, Head of Product at Eckoh identifies the underlying trends that will keep contact centers one step ahead.

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Why CX is now business-critical for insurers

11 Mar 2021

What are the CX priorities for insurers – as the sector emerges from a period of dramatic change and searches for better ways of operating?

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Why your website needs Web chat

20 Nov 2018

The world's retail websites can be divided into two camps those with Live chat, and those who haven't added it ... yet. So why is now the right time to open up a new channel to your customers?

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