Customer Engagement

Simplify interactions - make it effortless for customers to do business with you with self-service and live-help.

Customers Want Effortless Contact

Are you saving time for your customers, treating them in a personal way and helping them to get what they need easily — across every channel?

You can enhance every experience and win greater loyalty by putting customers in control, thanks to self-service tools and expert help over the phone, web chat or email.

For customers that means greater freedom, choice, speed and satisfaction. With Eckoh, that's exactly what you can give them. We reduce cost and complexity for you, making everything integrated, seamless and effortless.

The Multi-Channel Challenge

Customers will often start their conversation in one channel and end it in another. But how can you pull it all together and make systems talk with one another to create an ultra-smooth experience — without it costing the earth?

Get it wrong and your customers will be trapped in communications silos. And if they discover your service is badly disjointed, it will fuel their frustration and dissatisfaction.But here's the good news. It's possible to transform their experience in cost-effective ways. With the right multi-channel contact centre solution, you can improve interactions, across all channels and touch-points, gaining a competitive advantage.

See how Eckoh helps organisations improve their efficiency with self-service solutions...

Personalise Every Customer Interaction

When customers get in touch, wouldn’t it be great if your system could identify them automatically, pull up their accounts and even offer choices tuned perfectly with their profile?

Eckoh’s hosted IVRs can remember services they asked about previously, so you suggest offers the next time they call. You can also greet them by name and push information to them in ways they prefer, so they don’t need to actively monitor their account. Magic!

IVR, Speech Recognition, Web Chat and Mobile Customer Interaction

Eckoh can make your processes and contact centre much more efficient, reducing agent average handling time by up to 70%. We’re leading the way in multi-channel customer service through our customer experience solutions.

We offer automation across voice, mobile and web channels, giving your customers the freedom they want to be self-sufficient when making purchases and getting in touch.

Options Include:

  • Hosted IVR - automated call options (menus) and voice recognition systems
  • Speech Recognition - advanced voice recognition system that eradicates IVR menus altogether
  • Visual IVR - A visual display on smart phones that interacts with traditional IVR services
  • Live Help - multi-channel agent interaction when the customer demands it, including web chat, instant callback and co-browsing and text messaging
Graham Blackwell
Commercial Director, Tenpin
" Over the last two years Tenpin has received exceptional IVR service and support from Eckoh. Their excellent service record made them a great choice for us when we looked for a new supplier of a complete end-to-end telephony solution, including the live contact centre. Eckoh provides an exceptional service for our customers, whilst strategically driving both businesses forward with their continued improvement and development of their technology platforms."


With over half the UK's mobile phone users now owning a smartphone, consumers want to contact you at any time of day through a variety of channels.


Rescue sales and deliver a richer customer experience. Give your customers and agents the tools to converse more efficiently.