Customer Engagement Platform

Make existing and new engagement channels work together

Shape the future of your customer service platform and see efficiency and satisfaction scores increase

  • Offer customers every possible engagement channel
  • Enable channels to work seamlessly together, retaining context
  • Be agile to add new solutions and scale up or down as needed
  • Meet customer expectations by offering them their preferred channels

Keen to simplify CX?

Make customer relationships stronger

Get your existing customer channels working together in sync with Eckoh's cloud-based customer engagement platform.

Customers may want to channel swap several times as part of any one engagement. This means starting a conversation in a Chat session (for instance), which then goes to a live agent, who finishes the conversation with a secure payment and activating an email or SMS confirmation.

Maintaining context or interaction history is imperative for good customer service and results in an outstanding engagement that will attract and retain customers.

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What you need today, and tomorrow

Customer channel preferences constantly change and you have to be right there to meet their expectations. With the Engagement Platform you can take the solutions you need today and add new ones when needed. 

  • Agent-assisted tools – Chat, social listening, email, messaging plus telephone or chat payments 
  • Self-service tools – IVR, Natural Language, ID&V, Visual IVR plus automated and Chatbot payments 
  • Every payment channel is PCI DSS compliant and data is never exposed to agents, systems or recordings 
  • Enable payments in any channel using traditional cards or eWallet methods

Enable your customers to communicate through all available channels

  • AI capabilities

    Equipped with AI capabilities

    Enhance customer experience at all levels, from digital interaction through bots to live agents

  • customer data

    Leverage customer data effectively

    Build a conversation history for continuous, contextual flow through channels

  • reduced costs

    Reduce operational cost to serve

    Save customers' time and your organisation's money by making processes more efficient

  • fast responses

    Fast and relevant responses

    Create instant responses to customers who are dealing with any kind of issues

  • system integration

    Existing system integration

    Join up your customer service and sales tech stack and remove layers of complexity

  • payment security

    Channel payment security

    Secure payments through every available channel to PCI DSS standards

Deliver your digital transformation vision

Harness the latest omnichannel technology to get your systems working together.

Empowering and supporting 1st Central's operations

"As we continued to grow, our contact centre was experiencing increasing pressure to provide our usual high-quality customer service. We chose Eckoh because of the breadth of its solutions and ease of delivery through the Eckoh Engagement Platform."
Head of Operations, 1st Central
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