Work from anywhere without compromising security or CX

Create the same controlled working enviroment for your remote or homeworking agents as they get in the office.

  • Enable access to the systems and processes with a cloud-based platform
  • Take payments as securely at home as on-premise
  • Control and secure the technical environment 
  • Improve collaboration by combining omnichannel solutions 
  • Empower your homeworking agents with multi-channel capability

Keen to embrace a remote workforce?

Homeworking for greater agility

Optimise your customer service workforce, wherever they are based

Let your customer service agents work remotely with maximum efficiency with robust, secure, easily scalable virtual contact centre tools.

If you've had to react to changing business needs or emergency situations, our range of customer engagment tools work wherever your agents are based. They are fast to set up and easily integrated with your existing customer service systems.

Embracing remote working agents for your contact centre

  • Home or remote secure payments

    Secure payments

    Secure and PCI compliant payments for on-premise, remote or home working agents – same security, agent and customer experience

  • Omnichannel services

    Access all the ways your customers want to engage with an full omnichannel console for Chat, email and calls

  • Maintain control

    Keep control of security, compliance and best practice with the same systems and access for agents regardless of location

  • Multiple Chat sessions

    Engage with customers in their preferred channel and agents can handle several Chat sessions simultaneously

  • Payment in any channel

    Don’t limit payments to just the phone, you can take the same, secure payments through IVR, Chat, Chatbot, messaging or web.

  • Agent efficiency

    Increase agent efficiency by enabling them to shift between channels such as phone and chat

One single portal makes homeworking simple

One single portal, from one supplier offers all the customer engagement and secure payment solutions you'll need to make your workforce effective regardless of where they work.

Protecting customers' card data

"Our best estimate is that 25-30% of the workforce will be working from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021"
Global Workplace Analytics