Customer Engagement

Effortless multi-channel customer engagement

Connect customer channels and create seamless experience

  • Deliver efficient and contextual interactions for a personalized service
  • Enable customers to engage and easily shift between preferred channels
  • Build unique branded experiences from contact center agent to Chatbot
  • Enable payments through Chat or Chatbot sessions
  • Support contact center agents with a fully featured desktop to manage channels

Ready to boost customer service?

Customer engagement for contact centers

Effectively engage customers across online channels

Many customer interactions occur through the contact center, whether by phone, chat or social messaging. Support your contact center agents with the right tools while allowing automation like Chat and Chatbots to provide and exceptional customer experience.

Offer a truly personalized, real-time conversation through a Chat or Chatbot. As a great first line support, they are easily passed to agents to complete queries or sale and been proven to increase conversion. And with our Agent Desktop (by Coral Active), your agents can orchestrate all your contact center applications in one place.

Multi-channel customer engagement

Meet customer expectations with speed and convenience

Now you can manage customer expectations with a multi-channel approach that lets you start an engagement in one channel and stay with the customer as they shift to different ones – without losing their history or context.

Through Chat or Chatbot the customers engagement can be handed to a live agent if it becomes more complicated than expected.

Seamless multichannel experiences

  • Agent unified desktop

    Agent desktop

    Bring disparate solutions together into one interface for easy navigation and reduced AHT

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  • Chatbot


    Offer sales and service at any time of day or night, and take secure payments

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  • Live chat


    Deepen customer relations with personalised, real-time engagement

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Can you take payments in any channel?

Thinking of adding secure payment services to your customer engagement? We have solutions that are all PCI DSS compliant and for every channel from telephone, web, chat and chatbot.

Improving efficiencies for a major telecoms client

"It wasn’t difficult to create the business plan for Coral Agent Desktop and convincing senior management that it was a good idea was simple. We were able to show the benefits from a product, training and user perspective and highlight the advantages. It's made a huge difference to our agent performance and the customer experience."
Major Telecoms business
Case study