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Can compliance be a catalyst for transformation?
Monday, 23 March 2020

In our latest webinar, Ashley Burton, Eckoh’s Head of Product, interprets the theme of ‘time to think bigger’ from a customer perspective and asks the question ‘can compliance be a catalyst for transformation?

PCI webinar 900

Get the latest insight on…

A decade of change

How the financial markets provide insight into how customer expectations arose and now drive business success.

Where compliance fits in

Understand the negative perceptions around compliance, counter them and build a strong case for compliance that helps improve customer service. Approaching compliance in a positive way by considering that if you’re going to make a change, look around and work how that change can be used to create better experiences or outcomes across your business – showing how compliance can add value.

Common concerns from contact centres…

Discover the common concerns that contact centres have around compliance and how to counter them.


Understand the key differences between PCI DSS and GDPR and how both can add more value.

Can you take the best of both worlds?

Understand the differences between PCI DSS and GDPR and how you can use them to add value and get the best of both worlds by aligning goals for each. Embedding compliance into your organisation, making it more engaging through training and leverage your investment to protect all forms of data.

On a final note, this is a chance to use change as an opportunity to improve customer experience, working together to create minimal disruption and eliminate risk. But, to make this truly work, and ease the burden you should choose a solution that gives you, and your customers, choice.

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About the Author

Ashley Burton

Ashley Burton

Head of Product

Ashley joined Eckoh’s contact centre in 1999 and over the last 20 years has worked in a variety of roles including project management, business analysis, data warehousing and mobile application development before becoming Head of Product.  Ashley is passionate about identifying emerging technology and applying it to contact centres to improve customer experiences, and deliver outstanding engagement and trust.  Ashley leads and curates Eckoh;’s product roadmap, fostering innovation throughout the business. Ashley identifies emerging technology and applies it to contact centres to improve customer experience, realise Omnichannnel solutions and deliver outstanding engagement and trust.

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