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De-Scoping Your Contact Centre for PCI DSS Compliance

PCI compliance is viewed as an expensive burden with concerns including disruption to daily business, budget restrictions, the complexity of the PCI DSS audit process, the potential training of staff, and so on.


What’s in a number? Tokenisation

Recently, Visa Europe launched its Private BIN (Bank Identification Numbers) range for organisations that want to create internal identifiers. These have the same format as Visa Primary Account Numbers (PANs) but will never be used in the ‘real…


6 ways to get your IVR working better for your customers

With the explosion of smartphones, tablets and social media, it’s becoming ever more challenging to provide the kind of service your customers want. While many companies are now offering support through more channels, it’s a fact that customers still…


Target breach highlights the importance of PCI DSS compliance

While the US retail industry is reeling from what has been declared by some as the ‘worst breach in history’, the payment breach at retail giant Target has put a very real perspective on the importance of PCI DSS compliance within large…