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CNP Crime In Contact Centers

CNP fraud is an attack route that's on the rise — everywhere. CNP crime in Europe now stands at €958 million and accounts for 66% of all card fraud, according to the European Central Bank, which includes payments made via the Internet, post or phone.

Making Card-Not-Present (CNP) payment methods available to customers is essential for businesses today — whether you're taking holiday bookings, orders for furniture, or utility payments.

The industry has come a long way in addressing card fraud by locking down point-of-sale devices increasing website security and introducing EMV and Chip and Pin. While CNP payments are big business across the retail sector, it remains the soft under-belly of the industry – and the criminals know this.

In our insightful eGuide you can find out:

  • Who the culprits are and what they do
  • What you can do about this threat
  • How effective CallGuard is in dealing with CNP crime