Agent desktops: Unified agent desktops: Ready to unleash some magic?

13 Jul 2018

The right agent desktop can do magical things transforming relationships between businesses and customers. But what's the secret behind it all? You may be surprised.

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PCI DSS: What's the cost of DIY compliance vs de-scoping?

6 Jun 2018

Tackling PCI DSS compliance can feel like you're battling with hydra from Greek mythology ... the moment you think you're making progress, the monster grows another head. So, is it time to hand the job to someone with more firepower?

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PCI DSS: The thrills, perils and costs of DIY compliance

17 May 2018

Card payment fraud is rising - and merchants need to safeguard the way they process, store and transmit cardholder data. But should PCI DSS compliance be something you tackle on your own?

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PCI DSS: What's the cost of doing nothing?

11 Apr 2018

Most of us hate petty rules and red tape, and if there's no penalty for non-compliance we tend to turn a blind eye. But is PCI DSS something that merchants can ignore or does neglect come at a devastating price?

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Top 10 facts about PCI DSS Compliance that you need to know

26 Sep 2017

What do you need to prove you can handle card payments securely - a black belt, a Michelin star, or maybe even the Nobel prize for security? The correct answer is PCI DSS. But what does this security standard really mean?

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The importance of secure payments in the utility sector

8 Aug 2017

Utility companies in the US experienced 40% more data breaches in 2016 than in 2015 [1]. With the ever increasing sophistication of hackers it's becoming even more critical to ensure that your customers' personal and payment card data is protected.

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Are you delivering great leisure experiences, but poor customer journeys?

27 Jul 2017

Your idea of the perfect vacation this summer may be relaxing by the pool - but the travel and hospitality industry is anything but relaxed. So what's happening and how can it be fixed?

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Retailers: Playing a high-risk game with customer trust?

2 May 2017

How would you feel if a trusted friend looked after your house for the weekend, only to leave the key under the doormat — and a passing thief ransacked your home? Unfortunately, there's a scenario playing out in the retail world that isn't so different.

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Secure Payments Is a Breakthrough Moment for Web Chat

8 Feb 2017

The advance of Live Chat as a customer contact channel seems unstoppable — and now it's just stepped up a gear with news that agents can take secure payments during sessions for the first time.

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The PCI DSS compliance checklist for contact centers

16 Jan 2016

Suppose your contact center handles customer transactions and sensitive card data. In that case, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is most likely something you've heard of, but how prepared are you?

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