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Securing payments and achieving PCI DSS compliance to secure customers' business
Securing payments and achieving PCI DSS compliance to secure customers' business


Industry: Retail    Employees: 100+

Background: An established, growing private business selling registration plates

Challenge: To achieve PCI DSS compliance in the simplest way possible while embracing progressive payment methods such as Apple Pay and Secure Payment in Chat.

Solution: CallGuard Hosted to completely de-scope the contact centre from PCI DSS audit. Apple Pay over the phone and ChatGuard.


  • PCI DSS compliance every minute of every day
  • Customer reassurance of secure payments
  • Ability to offer customer their payment channel of choice
  • Significant reduction in risk of fraud


Regtransfers was established in 1982 by Tony Brown and has since grown into a dynamic company employing more than 100 people. It was one of the first independent registration specialist companies and is now the largest, in terms of the number of employees and its stock of registration plates. Regtransfers embraced market changes and digital channels to enhance and grow its business.


As the company has grown, so has the volume of calls they take from customers wishing to purchase number plates.

These calls often require that a card payment is taken at the time of purchase and this means that the business needs to comply with the Payment Card Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which is required by the card companies to be able to continue taking card payments.

In addition, with their growing client base, including some high-profile celebrities, they wanted to demonstrate that they were taking their customers’ data security seriously by upgrading their secure payment solution.


Eckoh implemented its patented CallGuard hosted solution which completely removes their contact centre from the scope of PCI DSS audit and so simplifies the whole compliance process.

CallGuard prevents sensitive personal or payment card data from entering the contact centre systems so that there is nothing there for anyone to steal. It means that the agent doesn’t see or hear any card data and it is not included in any call or screen recordings or stored in IT systems.

Regtransfers positions itself at the forefront of its sector. As such they constantly seek to make sure that they keep pace with technology and customer preferences. With this in mind, they have the intention of adopting Apple Pay over the phone as soon as possible to allow their customers to pay in this convenient and secure way. In the coming months, Regtransfers will also seriously consider offering Secure Payment in Chat using Eckoh’s ChatGuard solution to once again extend the payment options, giving customers their payment channel of choice.

We’re not payment security experts, which is why we turned to Eckoh. Regtransfers have used competitor solutions in the past but found that these did not extend to alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay for Cardholder-Not-Present or Secure Payment in Chat. That’s why we made the decision to move to the CallGuard solution which seems to be the most future proof PCI DSS compliance solution for securing payments. This means we can get on with growing our business, which is what we do best. Ian Clayton, IT Manager, Regtransfers


  • Payments over the telephone are secured
  • No customer data passes through or is held, in the company’s systems
  • Customers are reassured that they can pay securely
  • Real opportunities to extend payment channels further with Apple Pay and ChatGuard
  • The business is PCI DSS compliant every minute of every day.


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