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Retailer Beauty-Cosmetics
Using Web Chat to significantly improve customer experience and ease pressure of agents.
Using Web Chat to significantly improve customer experience and ease pressure of agents.

PROFILE:  Industry: Retail         Employees: 17,000           Revenue: US$ 1.4 billion

BUSINESS: Global cosmetics and beauty business seeking to increase engagement.

CHALLENGE: Maintain the ease of engagement with customers while easing the email burden in the contact centre.   

SOLUTION: Chat solution for multiple, simultaneous enquiry handling.


  • Customer no longer have to wait for an agent
  • Email volume reduced by 90%
  • Customer satisfaction scores increase with use of Chat.


The client is a cosmetics, skin care and perfume company, founded in 1976. Today it has a range of over1,000 products which is sells through over 3,049 owned and franchised stores internationally in 66 countries.



As with any successful and growing business, the contact centre is the frontline of customer engagement. As such the client found it was having to handle a vast number of email enquiries on a daily basis. This began to impact the level of customer service, prompting them to seek an alternative to ensure they remained easy to contact.

Recognising the need to meet, and exceed, customer expectations, however fast they change, the client also wanted to introduce new channels of engagement so that their customers would get in touch with them on their channel of choice, and be able to change channel – at any time in the engagement - to suit their lifestyle and preferences.


Eckoh has worked with this client since 2014 delivering its Web Chat solution across nine countries, including six in Europe (UK, France, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany as well as the USA, Australia, and Canada.

Today, the business employs 57 dedicated Chat agents across its contact centre to allow agents to be more effective and responsive when selling, help customers understand and select products and deliver real time customer service assistance. They also provide support for the Beauty and At Home product ranges.

With Eckoh’s Chat solution agents can run several queries simultaneously which increases the number of enquiries the contact centre can handle in a day and avoids customers having to wait for an agent to become free.

With the advanced analytics service that comes with Eckoh’s solution, The client benefits from deep insights on all Chat transactions so the business knows and understands its customers’ requirements.



The client chose to implement Eckoh’s Chat solution because they wanted to give their customers the ability to engage with us in different channels. Relieving the pressure on the contact centre by switching to Chat has been an incredible success.

  • Customers don’t have to wait to engage with a Chat agent
  • Agents can respond more quickly to customer enquiries and handle several enquiries simultaneously
  • Email volumes have reduced by 90% from their original volume, easing the burden on contact centre agents. While the webform is still available for when Chat is not, publicly available email addresses are no longer published. Chat is now promoted as the primary contact channel
  • Customer satisfaction scores have increased as ‘Chat’ is a more satisfying and speedy engagement tool
  • Meeting customer preferences for communication via text rather than voice
  • All the insight data is provided in real time via the Eckoh analytics which delivers both real time dashboard information and substantial reporting on all elements of the customer journey and Chat outcome.


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