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Apparel Retailer
Secure payments and PCI DSS compliance for apparel retailer
Secure payments and PCI DSS compliance for apparel retailer


Industry:  Retail    Employees:  58,000    Revenue: $12.41 billion

Background: Leading US retailer with a growing global market seeking to secure contact center payments

Challenge: To achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance and to secure customer payments through their contact center

Solution: CallGuard Audio Tokenization


  • PCI DSS compliance
  • No sensitive data is exposed to agents or call/screen recordings
  • Reduced risk of card fraud


A leading US-based, global retailer of apparel and footwear, founded in 1899 and headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, moving to Denver in 2019. They have socially and environmentally responsible operations spanning numerous geographies, product categories and distribution channels.

The company’s more than 30 brands are organised into four categories: Outdoor, Active, Work and Jeans. And, the company controls 55% of the U.S. backpack market with the Jansport, Eastpak, Timberland and North Face brands. They have eight data centers in North Carolina, Florida, Kansas, Canada, Tennessee, Texas, the UK, & Wisconsin. They operate nine contact centers with 275 agents.


Due to the volume of calls that are made to their contact center that requires taking a card payment over the phone, the organisation needed to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in order to be able to continue taking these payments for their services.

As a leading retail business, they also wanted to be able to give their customers confidence that they handle their payment card data securely. With customer service being a key element in retaining and attracting customers, the company wanted to ensure that their contact center agents could stay in touch with the customer throughout the call.

VF was seeking an onsite solution to satisfy their PCI requirements for processing credit card transactions while on the phone with the call center agents. They wanted to de-scope as much of their environment as possible. They chose us because it is a better solution, less work than maintaining another application and quicker install since they could avoid APIs and lots of coding.


Eckoh implemented its patented CallGuard Audio Tokenization On-site solution that de-scopes the contact center agent as well as call and screen recordings.

Eckoh was chosen over its nearest competitor due to the simplicity of the CallGuard solution which requires minimal integration with existing systems and so can be easily and quickly deployed. Additional applications can be added easily, and the solution is independent of the Payment Services Provider (PSP) and involved no APIs or vast amounts of coding.

Global apparel retailer chooses Eckoh CallGuard Audio Tokenization to secure its contact center payments and achieve PCI DSS compliance. With increased customer confidence and reduced risks, the company is well positioned to grow.


  • Compliance: PCI DSS compliant secure payments and remove a substantial amount of activity from the scope of the PCI DSS audit.
  • De-scoped elements: No contact center agents are exposed to sensitive payment card data and it is not stored in, or transmitted through, the contact center environment.
  • Reduce risk: No sensitive payment card data is exposed to the agents or the call and screen recordings. This significantly reduces the risk of fraud.


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